Hiking with kids: 8 Easy Ways to Keep them Entertained

    Hiking with kids can be annoying as f*%k.  They’re thirsty. The grass is itchy.  It’s too hot.  Even if you fed them a three course meal seconds before hitting the trail, they’re always hungry.   But, kids need to spend time outside.  You know, fresh air, and green spaces, and all that great stuff. Plus, […]

hiking with kids

6 Smartphone Plans that will save you money

6 Smartphone Plans that will Save You Money!

Hey, guys.  Raise your hand if your cell phone bill makes you want to throw a flaming pile of dog shit through the window of your provider’s headquarters, and go back to using a land line.  Me too!   We’ve been with one of the big name companies for over 12 years. […]

Bay Area Fun: Adventure Playground in Berkeley 2

  The Adventure Playground, in Berkeley, is AWESOME!  We’ve been in the Bay Area for about a year and a half, and I can’t believe it took us this long to get the kids over there!  They have tire swings, cargo nets, climbing ropes, climbing towers, hanging ladders, tubes to roll […]

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Easy Irish Soda Bread 2

The never-ending stream of holidays continues with St. Patrick’s Day, coming up next week. I’m so over the holidays, but my kids just loooove to celebrate anything and everything.  They’re too young to celebrate in the traditional fashion, (painting the town with green-tinted-beer-vomit), so we have to get a little creative. Without green beer, […]

7 Reasons to use a Menstrual Cup

Periods are gross.  We can’t do much about that.  And it’s the fear of grossness that leads us to spend WAY too much money on period products.  We can do something about that.  Ditch expensive tampons and pads for a reusable menstrual cup. I know what you’re thinking…..”A menstrual cup?!  Ew! […]

Menstrual Cup

Valentine's Day (1)

Valentine’s Day for broke people 2

Valentine’s Day is bullshit.  I know it.  You know it.  We all know it.  But, as much as we’d all like to give Valentine’s Day the finger, we don’t want the people we love to feel left out.  Am I right?   And that’s exactly what those mother f@*ers peddling shitty […]

Life Lessons at the horse track (Golden Gate Fields, Berkeley) 4

  If you want to know what good parenting looks like, this is probably it.  Yup, we took our kids to the horse track.  Mostly because my daughter LOVES horses, but also because it was “Dollar Day” at Golden Gate Fields.  Dollar admission, dollar hot dogs, and my husband’s favorite…..dollar […]

Dollar Days at Golden Gate Fields

How to throw a

How to throw a cheap birthday party 8

I’m sure, by now, you’ve all read about the 5 year old boy who was billed for not showing up at his friend’s birthday party…..at a ski resort.  Apparently the party was a pay-per-child kind of deal.  When little what’s-his-name didn’t show up the party host lost her damn mind, […]

DIY Coat Rack for Hunters 3

About a year ago, my husband started bringing my son out on hunts with him.  He’s pretty serious about it.  Has his own duck calls and everything.   On hunting days he and my husband head out before sunrise, in search of something delicious for dinner.  On those mornings, my […]



10 Ways to Workout for FREE 5

It’s that time of year again…..Time for new beginnings.  Gym parking lots are packed.  Fitness enthusiasts are fist fighting in the locker room over the last spot in spin class.  Aren’t New Year’s resolutions fun?   Why not skip all that madness and just work out at home?  We don’t need a […]