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The course is vast and the game is intense. Golf demands a lot of effort from the player, both from the talent and the tools; which is why getting the best kind of gear for your game is essential.

Callaway-Golf provides the best golf equipment at the lowest prices. The site offers the most complete sets of brands of golf gear including Nike, Taylor Made, Adams, Callaway golf and a whole lot more.

You’ll find high-quality clubs on the site to get your game going. The woods, irons, wedges and putters are all here at

  1. These are previews to some of the sites best clubs.


  1. Taylor Made Golf – Rocketballz Fairway Wood

The Rocketballz is the ideal fairway wood to optimize your swing in a fast and steady motion. The Speed Pocket, the Thick Thin Crown and the large clubhead are the main features of the Rocketballz to optimize your swing on the golf ball’s flight.

  1. Callaway Golf – RAZR Fit Xtreme Fairway Wood

Callaway is popular for innovating Big Bertha for the game. The RAZR Fit Xtreme is a premium Fairway Wood that’s equipped with the brand’s latest technology, such as Speed Frame Face, OptiFit Hosel and the high performance graphite shaft.

  1. Adams Golf – Speedline Super S Fairway Wood

The Speedline Super S is equipped with Velocity Slot Technology, Cut-Thru Slot and more, to provide versatility and effectiveness. These provide distance and speed for the ball to move faster and farther in flight.

  1. Callaway Golf – X Hot Pro Fairway Wood

The Forged Speed Frame Face Cup, Modern Warbird Sole and Lightweight Project X velocity Shaft are the features that make the X Hot Pro another excellent fairway wood from Callaway.


  1. Nike Golf VRS Covert Driver

The world’s top sports brand delivers with the VRS Covert driver. Speed and distance are what golfers look for from drivers. Equipped with the brand’s latest technology such as the High Speed Cavity Back, NexCor Face, FlexLoft and many more; the VRS Covert is Nike’s finest drivers.

  1. Callaway Golf – 2014 Big Bertha Driver

Callaway GolfBig Bertha has been a monumental figure to the game of golf. Callaway has yet again developed the driver to make it faster, stronger and better than ever! It’s has all that you need in a driver – Adjustable Perimeter Weighting, New Hyper Speed Face, New Advance Adjustable Hosel Technology, and Forged Composite.

  1. Taylor Made Golf – Jet speed Driver

Taylor Made has produced the Jet speed Driver to make your drives go longer and faster. This driver was one of the first drivers to be engineered with a Speed Pocket. The distance is obtained by the Matrix Velox T 49 Shaft.


  1. Adams Golf – Idea Super S Wedge

The Idea Super S gives efficiency to your hits with its developed face and new construction method. The shape and density of the wedge is crafter to make your swings soar easier.

  1. Taylor Made Golf – ATV Wedge

ATV stands for All Terrain Versatility. The name speaks for itself with the sole for all kinds of surfaces to maximize your shot at any point. Taylor Made Golf succeeds with this one.


  1. Odyssey Golf – Metal X Heavy Putter

The 6061 aluminum striking layer’s oval depression serves the Metal X Heavy Putter’s mechanical lock. This makes it easier for the golfer to harness the club and launch the ball with lots of control.

Callaway Golf

To see more details about these clubs, visit for the full descriptions of features, list of prices and customer reviews and rankings of each product. Along with these products you’ll find more Nike, Adams, Taylor Made, Callaway Golf and many more on the website.

Rockbottomgolf provides golf clubs at the lowest prices, including Nike, Callaway Golf, Adams, Taylor Made etc. Visit our website and contact us.

Real Estate

Long Island Real Estate: A Downward Trend in Prices

Real estate has always been a valuable source of investment. After all, it’s a basic need of people to have a place they can call home. In some places such as New York, acquiring real-estate-logo-real-estate-logo-best-real-estate-logo-for-bloggerhomes can be quite a lucrative business. In fact, realtors have made a niche in selling houses in different regions across the state. One of the more affluent areas in New York is Long Island. But while the value of properties in this city is considered to be high years back, it’s having an epic downturn as of late. This article will take a look at the downward trend of prices in Long Island real estate.

Just a decade ago, a spike in the value of houses was observed. This can be traced in a multitude of factors. The first factor that dictated this increase in value is much lower interest rates, which provided potential homeowners a great window to cash into properties. Lending standards are also looser back then. Last but not least, Wall Street has created a security system that is backed by subprime mortgages. Because of all these changes, the average value of properties in the Long Island area increased up to a high-water point of 460,000 dollars.

But the value of these properties started to go down after reaching its peak in 2007. And this downturn shocked even the most ardent of realtors. It’s considered as a disappointing turn of events for people who purchased Long Island real estate as a form of bargaining chip or investment. This downfall in prices is mainly caused by the financial crisis that struck America starting 2008. Short sales and foreclosures began to surface, and more of these mishaps are expected to come in the near future. All of a sudden, the real estate bubble has burst, and just about everyone was taken off-guard because of it.

But if there is any group of people who can potentially take advantage of this downturn, it would be the ones who are looking for a home right now. While realtors and homeowners are reeling at the thought of relinquishing their homes at a lower dave-elfassey-real-estate-icon-logoprice than they initially expected, it’s the best time for buyers to potentially cash in. As it stands, the average price of real estate in Long Island is listed at 350,000 dollars. That accounts for major savings for those looking for properties right now. And it can be a potentially tasty prospect if the market value for these properties somehow recovers.
While it may not be the best time for investors of Long Island real estate, it can be argued that it’s the best time for prospective buyers. The potential is now ripe to get the home of your dreams at a discount.