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Keeping it real: Christmas pictures Now that Halloween is behind us, overachievers everywhere are busy planning their Christmas pictures. You know the ones .......Fake backgrounds, fake snow, fake smiles. Because, as we all know, the holidays aren't about spending time with our loved ones. Holidays are about looking awesome on Facebook.

25 Cheap Gifts for Kids (Under $10)

Cheap gifts for kids

It’s so much fun to watch a child unwrap a gift they love.  Their reactions are PRICELESS!  But, sometimes, when I look around at people buying their kids tablets and gaming systems, I get a little discouraged.

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The Chicken Project Week One

Backyard chickens Well, it's been a week since we picked up 3 cute little chicks for my daughter's 4H project. I'm happy to report that they're doing well! They're so much fun to watch! Waddling around with their cute fluffly butts, pecking at anything they can get their beaks on.

Feeling Blue? 11 Cheap Ways to Feel Better

sun-47083_1280 1. Kittens- Don't have any kittens? Volunteer at the SPCA. Kittens always make you feel better. 2. Music- Pandora has tons of great upbeat stations for FREE! Just try and be sad while singing along with Pharell to "Happy!"

The Chicken Project: Day 1

The Chicken Project

Yesterday we picked up 3 chicks from our local feed store, for my daughter’s first 4H animal project.  She’s been dying to raise farm animals, and now that we have a backyard, she can actually do it!  So far she’s been a shrewd little business woman and a great mother hen, which is pretty surprising behavior for our impulsive little wild child.

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8 Fun Family Gifts under $35

8 Fun family gifts

Family gifts are a great way to stretch your holiday budget!  Give the gift of family fun this year with these inexpensive gift ideas:


Game Night- Wrap up a board game and some snacks for an awesome family gift!  Most years I see stores offering board games as low as $5.00 during the holiday season.  Amazon has some of our family’s favorite games on sale for $7.87 right now.  Or pick one up at a thrift store for even less

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Apple recipe roundup


There are so many great deals to be had on apples this time of year.  Don’t miss out on making some delicious treats while prices are low!  If you have some time, try baking a few extra treats and freeze them for later!

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I’ve never understood why people get so pumped about meeting celebrities.  They’re just people.  People with giant bank accounts, and a little too much bling.  But, people nonetheless.  People who probably want to be left the f*#k alone when they’re out in the world, doing their thing.

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Am I a professional blogger?

Am I a Professional Blogger?  NaBLoPoMo From a very young age I wanted to write.  The problem was that I didn't want anyone to read my work.  Hopelessly shy, I would hide in my closet writing stories that no one would ever read.....ripping them up immediately upon completion.  When my teachers read my essays to the class, I cried and hid under my desk.

Sandwich Rolls

sandwich rolls

Guys, bread is expensive!  Especially when you go through it as fast as my sandwich obsessed husband does.

I’ve been making my own bread for years, but having to slice a piece of bread off a loaf every time someone wants a sandwich isn’t very convenient.   And if I slice the whole loaf it goes stale faster.

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